Miitopia Draws On the Best Parts of Tomodachi Life and Mii Plaza

Miitopia Draws On the Best Parts of Tomodachi Life and Mii Plaza

The Mii-focused RPG is surprisingly enjoyable.

In addition to my hands-on with the New Nintendo 2DS XL, Nintendo took me for a spin on some 3DS titles coming in the near future. Ever Oasis, Miitopia, and Hey! Pikmin represent further growth of the 3DS' already impressive software library. Does Nintendo have more winners on its hands?

Miitopia is an odd little title. At first glance, it's a tiny RPG featuring your Mii characters, not unlike an expanded version of Find Mii. That comparison does hold up to a point, but Nintendo has put a bit more effort into the game.

In Miitopia, the Mii of your choice is on a quest to defeat the Dark Lord. You rally a party full of other Miis to take on the villain, who's also a Mii of your choice. If you want your family to stand up to your teacher, professor, or boss, you can do that. If you want your group of friends to stop the dark reign of your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, Miitopia is there for you. The Dark Lord has taken the faces of the people in the local town, leaving them without the ability to talk or express joy. It's up to you to wander the land and fight monsters to return the faces to their rightful owners.

The world map is divided into specific nodes. As you travel from node to node, your party will resolutely march forward, talking amongst one another, deepening their friendships, and occasionally fighting some monsters. Combat is turn-based. You control your chosen Mii, while the rest of the party is controlled via the AI.

In my demo, my hero was Nintendo marketing VP Doug Bowser, while my first party member was Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. Doug was a sword-wieldin Warrior, while Reggie was a Chef, a class that let him beat enemies with a frying pan and cook up healing meals. As we explored the land, our bond deepened, unlocking new team abilities like Show Off, where a partner deals more damage to impress their friend; or Warn, where your friend will tell you about an incoming attack, allowing you to avoid the damage.

You'll fight an assortment of low-level enemies with odd Mii-style faces and in some regions take on a boss who wears the face (and name) of one of the villagers. In my case, it was Butterfly Mark, a giant butterfly wearing the sneering face of someone named Mark.

It was a tough battle, to the point that I had to use an extra ability: HP and MP sprinkles. Outside of the healing done by your party members, you can use these salt shakers to give a bit of HP or MP to a chosen Mii. You have a limited number of sprinkles and they top up in town or at an Inn, so you need to use them wisely out in the field.

With that additional help, I finished off Butterfly Mark, returning to town to see the face return to its rightful owner. Doing so nets you rewards like gold or new items. It also makes it so that your town isn't a horror show of faceless nobodies like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Nightmare fuel.

In-between nodes, you'll stay at the Inn. It's here that the Tomodachi Life aspects begin to take over. The inn has various rooms and you can group two Miis in each room. Miis that stay together will chat and talk, seeing their relationship grow, which will unlock new abilities. Friendly Miis will occasionally buy each other gifts as well. Unfortunately for me, Reggie is a bad gift-giver and gave me a gift Doug didn't want.

While at the Inn, you can also have other options. You can spend gold, which gives a Mii money to buy something they want. They'll usually buy what they say they're going to buy, but occasionally minds will wander and your Miis will return with a completely different item based on their whims. You can also eat food. Certain foods that you find raise different stats: HP, MP, Attack, Magic, Defense, and Speed. The trick is Miis have food preferences and eating food they dislike will cause their stats to go down, not up. They also haver a limited stomach per Inn visit, so you need to decide wisely.

Finally, new Miis will come to the Inn to join your party. Whenever a new Mii joins, you have a choice of where to pull that Mii from. It can come from your Friends, your copy of Tomodachi Life, you can make a new Mii, or Miitopia can pull from the all-new Mii Central, which is an online repository of Miis from around the world for those who don't have friends. Once you've chosen the Mii in question, you also can choose their personality and starting class (Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Thief, Chef, and Pop Star). I chose a Mii from the system's Mii Maker and made him a Mage, giving my team a magical boost.

Miitopia was surprisingly fun. I'm not sure about the game's longevity, but I found myself engrossed in the game during my demo. I had to stop playing because the hands-on event was over, not because I was done with it. If you're someone who enjoyed Tomodachi Life and Find Mii, I think Miitopia might be your jam.

Miitopia is coming to 3DS on July 28, 2017.

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