Miiverse Has but Weeks to Live. Let's Look Back on the Good(?) Times

Miiverse Has but Weeks to Live. Let's Look Back on the Good(?) Times

Nintendo just punched the social network's ticket. You're gonna die Miiverse, RIP.

Gather ye Fireflowers while ye may, Miiverse: Your days are truly numbered. Nintendo's unique image- and- text-based social network for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS is shutting down for good on November 8, 2017.

Miiverse's death day has only been announced in Japan so far, but it almost certainly doubles as a notice of execution for other territories as well.

While the swift end of the Wii U's Miiverse was a given as soon as the Nintendo Switch rolled out, it's a bit surprising to learn the Nintendo 3DS Miiverse is closing shop, too. The Nintendo 3DS is still a viable platform, and Nintendo clearly has plans to push it hard this holiday season with the release of Samus Returns, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and the New Nintendo 2DS.

There's no equivalent to Miiverse on Switch. Some games will probably have in-app alternatives to Miiverse-style communication, as is the case with Splatoon 2. That's nice, but it lacks the light horror that was only possible through Miiverse's semi-anonymous format. If shitposting was born on earth, Miiverse shitposting was born in a non-Euclidian universe that inflicts madness the second you look upon it.

Let's take off our Mario hats and remember the good times with Bad Miiverse Posts (which went into semi-retirement earlier this year).

Real talk: I respect the hell out of Miiverse Water Guy and anyone else who appreciates water to this extent.

...Well. He's not wrong.

Miiverse won't be around long enough to witness another election season. It is the mercy.

"Private cups" are off the table, but I have some public cups I can show you. One of them is a coffee mug that has Kup from Transformers on it. Get it?

Tonsil hockey is not an Olympic sport.

Finally, someone gets it.

Goodbye, Miiverse. We couldn't forget you if we tried.

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