Milla Jovovich Will Wield Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Film, Inspired By Her In-Game Main

Milla Jovovich Will Wield Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Film, Inspired By Her In-Game Main

Director Paul W.S. Anderson is preparing to deliver another (great?) video game adaptation.

While theatrical releases as a whole are paused, studios are still planning and promoting upcoming films. Over at Empire Online, we're getting another look at Monster Hunter, an adaptation of the Capcom game series of the same name. The new look is an image of actress Milla Jovovich as the movie's lead Artemis, wielding Dual Blades.

Director Paul W.S. Anderson, famous for writing and producing all of the Resident Evil films and directing most of them, has been working on Monster Hunter for a few years now. The image precedes an Empire interview with Anderson and Jovovich. (The pair have been married since 2009.)

In the interview, Anderson admits that the weapons that Jovovich's Artemis uses are based on the weapons she uses in the Monster Hunter games. "Although Milla’s character’s not specifically in the game, she chose the same armour and weapons she uses in the game, so there were aspects of her game character that got folded into the movie representation," said Anderson.

"Yeah, she’s not based on a character from the game. Paul wrote her as the captain of a team of Army Rangers that go in to rescue their colleagues," said Jovovich. "I experimented with different weapons during the game and was able to kill more monsters with those blades. I thought they’d look really beautiful in an action sequence."

The pair are apparently huge fans of the games, which actually lines up with previous reporting regarding Monster Hunter. Anderson pitched the idea of a Monster Hunter movie to Capcom around nine years ago, following the fourth Resident Evil movie. "What I love about Monster Hunter is the incredibly beautiful, immersive world they've created. It's on the level of like a Star Wars movie, in terms of world creation," said Anderson in 2016. "There are no real central characters so it's a bit like when we first approached Resident Evil and imposed our own characters and story on that world. I think this is a perfect IP for us to do exactly that same thing again."

The primary cast is Jovovich, Ong-Bak star Tony Jaa, cult-favorite actor Ron Perlman, and rapper T.I. Jovovich and T.I. play soldiers from our world, while Jaa and Perlman are hunters from the MonHun world. The plot has the platoon of soldiers heading into an alternate world, before a climax where monsters find their way into our world. Monster Hunter will be coming to theaters in 2021… maybe.

While you're waiting for the movie, Monster Hunter World is getting another new update this week, adding the monster Alatreon. The update was supposed to launch in May, but was pushed back due to the pandemic.

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