Minecraft's 4K Graphics Update and Switch Cross-Play Delayed Until 2018

Two features won't be coming to Minecraft this year.

News by Mike Williams, .

At Minecon Earth this weekend, Microsoft and Mojang updated players on two long awaited features. Minecraft on Xbox One and PC were supposed to receive the Super Duper Graphics pack, adding 4K resolution support, new textures, and additional graphic effects this year. In addition, Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition was planned as a part of the recently-released Better Together update, which allows for cross-platform play and a shared DLC store.

At Minecon, Mojang announced that both features wouldn't be coming until 2018.

"While originally set for release this year, there's a lot of work to be done still and we're not going to be ready to launch it in 2017. We'll be releasing Super Duper next year, and we'll have more information for you here on soon," said the developer in a statement.

"Separately, the Nintendo Switch community will still be getting the new version of Minecraft with cross-platform multiplayer, but not until 2018. Nintendo has been a great partner and we're really excited to fully bring Switch players into the fold, however, we need to make sure we deliver the best experience possible," the company added.

So, if you're currently playing Minecraft on Xbox One X or Nintendo Switch, look forward to those new features in the new year!

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