Minecraft Aquatic Update Phase One Out Now for Xbox, PC, Mobile, Oculus and More

The new Phase One of the Aquatic Update has launched for Minecraft players around the world.

News by Hirun Cryer, .

The new Minecraft Aquatic Update has launched right now for Xbox, Windows 10, Mobile, Oculus, and other Mixed Reality devices for all players.

Announced over on the Minecraft website, the Aquatic Update brings new water features to Minecraft. This 'Phase One' is the first of two updates planned for the game, and although it's available for free for virtually all Minecraft players regardless of platforms, those playing the Java Edition of Minecraft will be getting the Aquatic Update "very soon".

Just below, you can find the full list of features available in Minecraft right now as part of the Aquatic Update, Phase One:

  • New Fish types (salmon, cod, pufferfish, tropical fish)
  • New Coral types (coral, coral fans, coral blocks)
  • Kelp, Dried Kelp, Kelp Block
  • New Dolphins (follow boats, get a boost swimming next to them)
  • Icebergs
  • Blue Ice
  • Nine Ocean Biomes (frozen, deep frozen, cold, deep cold, lukewarm, deep lukewarm, normal, deep normal, warm)
  • Underwater Ravines & caves
  • Sea grass
  • Sea pickle (w/ illumination! Up to 4 in a block - only light up underwater)
  • Shipwrecks
  • Treasure chests (in ruins, shipwrecks)
  • Ruins
  • Swimming
  • Treasure Maps
  • Buried Treasure
  • Heart of the Sea in buried treasure chests (non-active)
  • Tridents
  • Trident enchantment
  • Stripped Logs
  • Buttons, Trap Doors, Pressure Plates with variation
  • Carved Pumpkins
  • Floating Items
  • Boat Polish (smoother control)
  • 8 new achievements
  • Water has a completely new look and increased visibility while underwater
  • Prismarine Stairs and Slabs
  • New swimming animation while sprinting in water

There's no projected launch date for Phase Two of the Aquatic Update for Minecraft players as of right now, but we'll be updating this post whenever we hear anything from Microsoft or Minecraft about the second and final part of the update. For more on Minecraft, ead on over to our Best Minecraft Mods Guide. You'll find awesome add-ons for the game, and our picks for some absolute must have mods.

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  • Avatar for nimzy #1 nimzy 5 months ago
    Once again, the Java version is deliberately neglected. The future everyone saw coming when Microsoft bought the game has come to pass.
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  • Avatar for CK20XX #2 CK20XX 5 months ago
    @nimzy What do you mean "once again"? The Update Aquatic has been in development for Java for months now and will probably be released in a few weeks. Not only that, but the Bedrock edition has been trailing behind Java ever since it was officially released, to the point that you can't even pause the game in single player mode.

    Bedrock has a LOT of ground to cover before it catches up to Java. Sure, it runs smoother, but when you learn of all the shortcuts that were taken to get that kind of performance, it looks like it barely even tries to take advantage of being coded in C++.
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #3 donkeyintheforest 5 months ago
    oh man i want to build sealab
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  • Avatar for John223 #4 John223 4 months ago
    Excited for this update - really only because it has been so long since fresh content has been added to the game. I disagree with the premise that Java Minecraft HASN'T been neglected - it's clear that Mojang are focusing on every platform that isn't Java. They introduced a combat system that not many people like, and generally don't communicate/consult with the community on updates like these. I should add that I'm happy they're updating the Minecraft id system - it has became clunky and doesn't really follow any pattern. By this I mean things like lapis lazuli have an ID of 351:4, which just doesn't make sense to me.
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