Minecraft Dungeons: Best Builds

Minecraft Dungeons: Best Builds

We look at the best builds, weapons and equipment you can use when exploring Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons allows players to hunt down and gather equipment as they explore in order to increase their own power and enable new abilities as they fight enemies. We'll show you how to combine equipment for the best builds in all of Minecraft Dungeons.

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Best Builds in Minecraft Dungeons

The best builds in Minecraft Dungeons tend to be those that focus on a particular direction or aspect of gameplay, rather than trying to do everything at once. After playing for a while you'll likely discover what kind of strategy or tactics you prefer, whereupon you can create a build that compliments your own approach or even unlocks new aspects to it. We've listed some of the best builds we've discovered below:

  • Soul Warrior
  • Artefact Archer
  • Healer
  • DPS Powerhouse
The Soul Warrior is a powerful option when it comes to playing by yourself. | Joel Franey/USG, Xbox Game Studios

Soul Warrior Build

One of the more versatile builds and one that works well for some solo players, Soul Warriors are all about using the soul energy given from defeated enemies to power certain weapons and artefacts, allowing them to heal, do massive damage or gain certain buffs. Everything in this build either makes use of souls, or increases the amount of them you get off defeated enemies.

MeleeSoul Knife/Soul Scythe
RangedSoul Bow/Soul Crossbow
ArmorSoul Robe
ArtefactsLightning Rod, Corrupted Beacon, Harvester, Torment Quiver, Soul Healer
AdvantagesA versatile build that works well when fighting mobs, and can do a lot of firepower with artefacts like the Corrupted Beacon.
DisadvantagesStruggles against individual enemies and bosses without minions to feed off, such as the Redstone Golem.
For any weapon that's rare, your best bet is special chests and boss fights. | Joel Franey/USG, Xbox Game Studios

There's no shortage of Minecraft Dungeons guides here at USG, and we've got them all here at our Minecraft Dungeons walkthrough for you to check out! Whether it's battling bosses or looking for loot, we've got everything you'd ever need.

Artefact Archer Build

The Artefact Archer is built around one of the easiest, earliest artefacts in the game - the Fireworks - and turning it into one of the most powerful. Fireworks make it so that your arrows explode on contact, and the Artefact Archer is all about lowering the cooldown and ramping up the damage as much as possible, especially with the Scatter Crossbow firing multiple explosive arrows per shot. If you're overrun, the Wind Horn can throw them all back and give you a moment to retreat.

MeleeAny weapon that can hold enemies in place with enchantments, such as Freezing
RangedScatter Crossbow
ArmorEvocation Robe
ArtefactsFirework Arrows, Shock Powder, Wind Horn
AdvantagesGreat for dealing with large crowds and relatively easy to build.
DisadvantagesDependant on ammunition and doesn't provide great defense.

Healer Build

If you're finding yourself dying a lot or just prefer to run into the middle of the melee, a healer build can keep you alive and your teammates with it. You'll need specific enchantments and a unique weapon to make it happen, but if you can get them there's a lot to be said for this build.

MeleeAny weapon with Radiance enchantment
RangedSabrewing (Unique Weapon)
ArmorMystery Armor
ArtefactsTotem of Regeneration, Love Medallion, Totem of Shielding
AdvantagesProvides a great deal of safety to you and your allies with area healing, often as a consequence of attacking..
DisadvantagesRequires very specific items and enchantments not easily found.

DPS Powerhouse Build

Not a lot to explain here - the DPS Powerhouse is all about ramping up damage, mainly to your melee attacks. If you don't have the Claymore, gauntlets can be a good substitute, and your other equipment is all about putting out huge damage when you're in a fight until everything around you is dead. The Death Cap Mushroom can do a lot to keep you mobile and get you away from enemies in the case of low health, as well as powering up your strikes even further.

RangedHeavy Crossbow
ArmorMercenary Armor
ArtefactsDeath Cap Mushroom, Flame Quiver, Wind Horn
AdvantagesVery simple, not hard to make, huge damage output.
DisadvantagesNot very versatile and not a lot of defensive options.

If that was of use to you, why not see what else USG has to offer when it comes to Minecraft Dungeons? We interviewed the developers themselves to see what pushed them in this direction, or why not see Mike's thoughts on the final product with his review here?

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