Minecraft Dungeons: How to Beat the Arch-Illager and Heart of Ender Final Boss Fight

Minecraft Dungeons: How to Beat the Arch-Illager and Heart of Ender Final Boss Fight

After finally catching the Arch-Illager in a climatic final boss fight, you discover that there's more to him than meets the eye.

Minecraft Dungeons' main villain, the Arch-Illager, is finally a fightable boss at the end of the Obsidian Pinnacle level, followed swiftly by a more powerful force known as the Heart of Ender. We'll show you how to beat the Arch-Illager and Heart of Ender final boss fight, as well as what rewards you can expect for doing so.

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How to Beat the Arch-Illager and Heart of Ender Final Boss Fight in Minecraft Dungeons

To beat the Arch-Illager and Heart of Ender final boss fight in Minecraft Dungeons you'll need to have different strategies, as well as trying to conserve all your best resources through the first half of the fight against the Illager. Once you've beaten him, you'll be up against the much more powerful Heart of Ender, so you'll want all your best abilities and a full quiver of arrows ready to use against that monster after beating the Arch-Illager.

The Arch-Illager is very much the lesser of two evils. | Joel Franey/USG, Xbox Game Studios

Arch-Illager Strategy

The Arch-Illager appears in an enclosed arena at the end of the Obsidian Pinnacle level, and you'll know you're about to start the fight when you see a pair of spring launchers right next to each other (they'll throw you into the arena itself). Once you go in, the Arch-Illager will fly around and the fight will begin proper.

  1. The Arch-Illager is similar to your previous fight with the Nameless One, in that he teleports around the arena summoning minions and firing blasts of magic at you. Fortunately he doesn't have quite as much health.
  2. His magic blasts appear in a spread of three that become easier to move around as they fly further from him. If you're close and he fires at you, use your dodge to throw yourself to his side.
  3. His teleportation is random, but he'll usually jump around a few times and then settle in one spot for a while to fire on you. Either use range attacks from the safety of distance, or use any speed boosts, projectile resistance or distracting summons to get close and do melee damage.
  4. Every now and again he'll summon a line of Illagers with crossbows to attack you. They don't have much health but will spawn while opening fire, so get ready to dodge. Alternatively, he might summon axe-wielding Illagers that he buffs like a Magician would. Area-of-effect attacks will clear them out, or use a melee weapon with a wide swing to leap into the middle of them and fell as many as possible.
  5. As mentioned, try not use up your best abilities and make sure you have a lot of arrows when this fight is over. The Arch-Illager is by far the weaker of the two bosses, so you'll want to be ready for what follows.
The Heart of Ender is the most powerful monster in all of Minecraft Dungeons. | Joel Franey/USG, Xbox Game Studios

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Heart of Ender Strategy

Once the Arch-Illager is defeated, he'll transform into the monstrous Heart of Ender, a black, spider-like creature that does most of its damage with projectiles and area control spells. Get ready to roll and fight from a distance, because otherwise this fight could get brutal.

  1. The Heart of Ender has three attacks: vomiting a spray of fire, firing four lasers that spin around it, or summoning heads from the floor that fire their own blasts. We'll explain how to deal with each of these below.
  2. When it shoots a spray of fire, this won't seem too dangerous. However, when the projectiles hit the floor they'll leave burning areas that do damage to anybody standing on them, followed by the Heart running about to leave another trial of fire. This effect lasts for a while, including during other attacks, making it more difficult to navigate around those. When the Heart of Ender does this, simply move as much as you can to the other side of the arena, minimizing the chance that these areas can harm you.
  3. The four lasers are the Heart's most dangerous attack, a spinning wheel of death that can usually insta-kill anybody caught in it. Run in the same clockwise direction to avoid getting hit by them, and stay as close to the Heart as is safe for the best chance. Once it stops, you'll have a moment where you can safely put some attacks into it.
  4. Finally, the Heart will vanish and summon four heads from the ground looking in different directions. Each one will shoot a line in front of it for massive damage, and it's possible to get caught in multiple at once if they cross over. Use your dodge roll as the last head appears and you know where all the dangerous areas are to clear them. After this is done, the Heart will reappear and offer you a brief window in which to hurt it.
  5. The fact that the Heart's attacks do so much damage and often require you to escape them means that you should prioritize builds based on speed and distance. Boots of Swiftness and the Light Feather will help you stay ahead of the dangerous areas, while an Iron Hide Amulet or armor enchanted with Potion Barrier can stop you getting killed if you're in a dangerous position.
  6. For damage, prioritize your ranged attacks so you don't have to compromise manoeuvrability . The quick fire rate of crossbows makes them better than regular bows, and any artefacts that can boost their damage will be helpful.
  7. Despite being huge, the only vulnerable part of the boss is the purple Orb of Domination visible inside it. Hitting anything else won't do damage, so remember to be careful in your targeting.
  8. For those working with Soul Builds, you want have any way to get souls after you beat the Arch-Illager, making it difficult to work at your best in this stage of the fight.

How to Cheese the Heart of Ender (June 2020)

If you're still having trouble fighting the Heart of Ender and want a means to cheese it, we credit Youtuber Dead Zpikes with discovering this simple trick that still works at time of writing.

  1. Equip your best bow for damage, ideally with an artefact that'll boost damage such as the Fireworks.
  2. Bounce into the arena as normal and immediately fire at the Heart of Ender.
  3. The second you're in trouble, use your dodge to roll out of the arena in the direction you just came and fall into the gap between the towers.
  4. You'll take a small amount of damage from falling, but it'll respawn you at a safe distance back outside of the arena. However, the Heart's health won't come back.
  5. Wait for your health potions and Fireworks to recharge, restore your health, then repeat. Eventually you'll have whittled the boss' health down to nothing.

Arch-Illager and Heart of Ender Rewards

For beating these two bosses you'll get a large amount of emeralds, as well as a random item of rare or better quality, chosen from a pool dependant on what difficulty you're playing at. Once you're done grabbing all those items, follow the trail of black goo up to see the Arch-Illager and get the final cinematic of the game.

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