Minecraft Dungeons: How to Beat the Corrupted Cauldron Boss Fight

Minecraft Dungeons: How to Beat the Corrupted Cauldron Boss Fight

A sentient, magical cauldron is the final boss of the Soggy Swamp area.

At the end of the Soggy Swamp area of Minecraft Dungeons is a Corrupted Cauldron, a boss fight in which you battle a giant pot that constantly creates enemies. We'll show you how to beat the Corrupted Cauldron boss fight and what you can use to make it easier.

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How to Beat the Corrupted Cauldron Boss Fight in Minecraft Dungeons

You can beat the Corrupted Cauldron boss fight in Minecraft Dungeons by recognising that the real threat comes from the minions it creates, not the Cauldron itself. When the fight begins and the Arch-Illager summons the Cauldron, use these tactics to make it through safely.

  1. Unlike bosses like the Enderman, the Corrupted Cauldron will stay in one place throughout the whole fight, creating enemies to fight you and occasional rings of fire around it, marked by glowing circles appearing a moment before.
  2. The Cauldron creates all manner of minions, but certainly the most common ones are unique purple slimes that can also fire projectiles at the player. These are also the most dangerous enemies, as they appear in huge numbers and do fair damage in each shot.
  3. The best strategy is to use any area-of-effect abilities you have to clear out the minions, then run in to do as much damage as possible to the Cauldron itself before it creates the fire that forces you back.
  4. If you're in trouble and on low health, there is a raised section of the arena to the North/North-East that most minions won't appear on. It's a good place to hide and allow your abilities or health potion to recharge.
  5. You can also try clearing out the slimes, which have a high chance to drop potions and food that can restore your health.
  6. Crossbows are better than normal bows for this fight, as their spread can clear out crowds and do increased damage up close to the Cauldron itself.
The Cauldron itself can't pose much of a threat, but the hordes of summoned slimes can overwhelm if not handled properly. | Joel Franey/USG, Xbox Game Studios

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Corrupted Cauldron Rewards

By beating the Corrupted Cauldron you're guaranteed to earn numerous emeralds and have a chance at rare or better items, especially if you're playing on increased difficulty. On only our second playthrough we earned a unique weapon called the Hunter's Promise, so those who want good rewards can feel free to fight this boss over and over. Alternatively, we've laid out how to get emeralds quickly if you want to find an easier way to get rich.

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