Minecraft Dungeons: How to Beat the Enderman Boss Fight

Minecraft Dungeons: How to Beat the Enderman Boss Fight

Endermen will attack you as mini-boss encounters, and they're pretty challenging.

While exploring Minecraft Dungeons it won't be long before you come across your first fight against the Enderman, a repeated boss fight that'll test your reflexes more than anything else. We'll explain how to beat the Enderman below.

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How to Beat the Enderman Boss Fight in Minecraft Dungeons

To beat the Enderman boss fight in Minecraft Dungeons you'll need to understand the Enderman's movements and behaviour in order to counter it and use it against it. It's possible to beat it without this knowledge, but it's a lot harder, especially when there's other enemies in the area. When an Enderman appears, keep the following in mind:

  1. Endermen fights always start with a slight static/grainy effect on the screen, letting you know that you've angered one and that they're coming. Now is the time to prepare.
  2. An Enderman always attacks in this pattern: they appear close by the player, run forward quickly, perform a brief series of melee attacks, then pause. A moment later they'll disappear again and repeat the pattern.
  3. The moment after their attacks is the best time to strike, as they leave themselves vulnerable. Roll out of the way of their first melee attacks and then use the instant afterwards to move back and do damage.
  4. You can also try and use a ranged attack to hit them as they charge forward, if you think you have the time to get away with it.
  5. Endermen often have smaller enemies around them who you'll also have to deal with. Area-of-effect attacks like the Fireworks or any TNT you pick up can be excellent to help thin numbers. If you're working with other players, have at least one of you holding back the horde while the others fight the boss.
  6. If you can summon creatures like the bat or wolf, now would be a good time to do so, as they can draw the Enderman's attention and stop it from hitting you.
  7. Some Enderman fights are actually optional, allowing the player to simply run past and beyond it. Once the Enderman's health bar disappears, you'll know you've left it behind.
Endermen fight with quick, sudden strikes before teleporting away again. | Joel Franey/USG, Xbox Game Studios

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Enderman Rewards

Enderman rewards will vary depending on the difficulty you're playing at, the enchantments you're using and the area you fight them, but you're always going to get a substantial amount of gems proportionate to that difficulty, as well as at least one item of rare quality or better. Of course, if you're still wary about fighting an Enderman, we've explained how to make emeralds easily at our guide here.

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