Minecraft Dungeons: How to Beat the Redstone Monstrosity Boss Fight

Minecraft Dungeons: How to Beat the Redstone Monstrosity Boss Fight

A colossal machine of war, the Redstone Monstrosity is the final boss of the Fiery Forge.

One of Minecraft Dungeon's more unique bosses, the Redstone Monstrosity is a huge behemoth that uses its huge bulk and fire attacks to try and overwhelm the player. We'll show you how to beat the Redstone Monstrosity Boss Fight and what you can do to deal with his summoned minions.

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How to Beat the Redstone Monstrosity Boss Fight in Minecraft Dungeons

To beat the Redstone Monstrosity Boss Fight in Minecraft Dungeons you'll need to be able to deal with multiple threats at once, as the Monstrosity is a slow-moving boss who summons angry cube minions as support. If you're having trouble with this boss fight, we found this knowledge to be especially helpful:

  1. Like most bosses, the Monstrosity will move directly towards a player at any time when he's not performing attacks. If a player is within melee range, he'll bring both fists down, creating a shockwave around him.
  2. The Monstrosity will also stop from time to time, summoning cube minions that roll towards the player. We recommend killing those as fast as possible - it's not too hard to stay out of the Monstrosity's path, but the cubes are quick and can do a lot of damage if not handled early on. Use area-of-effect attacks or try to get them at range before they can get close.
  3. Finally, the boss can also spit a spray of orange orbs that explode when they hit the ground. He only does this when the player is far away, but if you see him spit, roll either directly towards or away from him to have the best chance of dodging.
  4. The best way to hurt the Monstrosity is at range, using bows and crossbows rather than risk getting struck while doing melee damage.
  5. There's also Forge Cores around the arena like those you used earlier. These can be used to create the same waves of fire, this time used to damage both the Monstrosity and his cubes. Trigger one at the right moment, then roll away to let the Monstrosity get caught in the blaze.
  6. If you have multiple players working together, divide into two groups - those who handle the cubes, and those who keep pouring damage into the boss. The first group should be equipped for area attacks and distraction, while the second group should have range and power as a priority.
The Monstrosity will amble about the arena, attacking whenever you're in range and summoning minions when you aren't. | Joel Franey/USG, Xbox Game Studios

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Redstone Monstrosity Rewards

When defeated, the Redstone Monstrosity drops a substantial amount of emeralds, along with a chance to drop any of the rewards for the Fiery Forge area. We found it had a higher chance of dropping Artefacts, so you're most likely to get the Iron Hide Amulet, Soul Healer, Totem of Regeneration and the Flaming Quiver. You'll also beat the level soon after and get the standard chest reward.

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