Minecraft Dungeons: How to Find All Secret Missions

Minecraft Dungeons: How to Find All Secret Missions

We show you where to find all the secret missions, levels and quests in Minecraft Dungeons.

Though there's a fair few missions to choose from in Minecraft Dungeons, there's also several secret missions to find, each with their own rewards and items to get. We'll show you how to find all secret missions below, as well as what to expect within them.

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How to Find All Secret Missions in Minecraft Dungeons

There are a total of five secret missions you can find in Minecraft Dungeons, each one of which is accessed by fulfilling certain conditions in an existing mission. Once you've completed these conditions, you'll find a map that unlocks the secret mission. Some also require you to unlock certain difficulties, or even to activate triggers in multiple levels. We've laid out how to access them all below.

Secret Mission:Found in:Difficulty Requirements:Location:
Arch HavenPumpkin PasturesUnlock Adventurer difficultyBefore going into the Fortress, head around it until you see a ship. Go inside it and kill the enemies within to get the map.
Cow LevelCamp/All LevelsNoneSee here
Creepy CryptCreeper WoodsNoneThe easiest one to find. After rescuing the villager, there'll be a path diverting off to a temple. Press the button next to the temple door to open it, then go inside and interact with the map in front of you.
Soggy CaveSoggy SwampUnlock Adventurer difficultyAfter coming out of the cave, you'll find a supply area. After that is a path diverging off towards another cave. Go into it, press the switch above you, and collect the map that appears.
UnderhallsHighblock HallsNoneEarly on, when going down a large staircase, you'll see a pair of shields at the bottom, hanging on the wall. Interact with both. One will open a hidden door with the map beyond it.

There's no shortage of Minecraft Dungeons guides here at USG, and we've got them all here at our Minecraft Dungeons walkthrough for you to check out! Whether it's battling bosses or looking for loot, we've got everything you'd ever need.

What are Secret Missions?

Secret missions are optional missions that have new challenges within, as well as different gear drops to other missions, essentially providing new gameplay. Once you find a map in any of the above locations, the new secret mission will be added to the mission select menu in your Camp.

Why Can't I Find the Secret Mission?

If you can't find the secret mission map to unlock it, there's a reason for that - either you haven't unlocked the right difficulty, or the game simply hasn't spawned it. Minecraft Dungeons' procedurally-generated missions occasionally leave out certain elements as it stitches sections and rooms together, so it's possible it's created a variation that doesn't have the mission map in it. Fortunately, there's a way to tell! Hold down on the d-pad to open the map, and check how many secrets are in this level. If there's only one, it's either the Cow Rune (see the guide mentioned above), or the secret mission map. If there's two, you'll have both! If there's neither, quit back to the camp and begin the mission again to hope you get it next time.

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