Minecraft Dungeons: How to Find and Beat the Skeleton Horsemen Secret Boss Fight

Minecraft Dungeons: How to Find and Beat the Skeleton Horsemen Secret Boss Fight

Four skeletal horsemen are riding around as a hidden random event in Minecraft Dungeons. We'll show you how to find and beat them here.

Appearing out of nowhere in Minecraft Dungeons, the Skeleton Horsemen are a secret boss fight who can appear at random to attack the players, with seemingly no reason as to why. We'll show you how to find and beat the Skeleton Horsemen secret boss fight, as well as what you can expect them to drop.

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How to Find and Beat the Skeleton Horsemen Secret Boss Fight in Minecraft Dungeons

To find and beat the Skeleton Horsemen in Minecraft Dungeons you'll first need to unlock Adventure difficulty - as far as we know, they won't show up on anything less than that. You can do this by completing the game and defeating the Arch-Illager, which we've outlined how to do here, then heading into the main mission select menu and picking the Adventurer difficulty in the bottom-right. This'll spawn the Skeleton Horsemen for you to find and beat in certain missions, or at least enable it so that there's a chance for them to show up (they are a rare occurrence, even when the conditions are met).

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Skeleton Horsemen Locations

We're still working out the details, but from what we've seen the Skeleton Horsemen will appear in certain missions, but not all of them. Those who're out looking for them specifically can definitely have a chance to encounter them in these missions:

  1. Creeper Woods
  2. Soggy Swamp
  3. Cacti Canyon
  4. Redstone Mines
  5. Desert Temple
  6. Pumpkin Pastures

We've also been told that there's a chance for them to spawn in the Cacti Canyon area on the default difficulty, though this is very rare. We'll be sure to update this list as we discover more about the Skeleton Horsemen.

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Skeleton Horsemen Tips and Strategy

The Skeleton Horsemen are one of the easier boss fights in the game, though they're still more difficult than the average mob enemy. They'll spawn in groups of four and ride around the players firing arrows at them. Each one has its own health bar, but it's not especially large. Keep moving and strafing around the enemies to avoid taking damage, while using ranged and explosive weapons to hit them from a distance. They tend to move too fast to strike and keep out of melee range, so you'll be dependent on your bows and magic to do real damage. The exception is if you have a hugely powerful weapon and can roll into contact with them before they can escape, or use items to gain a speed boost.

Skeleton Horseman Rewards

Unlike other bosses, the Horsemen don't seem to drop emeralds at any higher rate than any other regular enemy, and there's no guarantee of a rare or Unique weapon. However, they do seem to give a higher amount of experience than regular enemies. It's also very likely that you'll have to beat them anyway, as their fast movement makes them difficult to escape.

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