Minecraft Dungeons: How to Get Emeralds Quickly

Minecraft Dungeons: How to Get Emeralds Quickly

We explain how to make as many emeralds as possible and where you can spend them in the game.

The main currency in Minecraft Dungeons, emeralds are a common reward when dealing with monsters and finding treasure. We'll show you how to farm emeralds and where you can spend them.

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How to Get Emeralds Quickly in Minecraft Dungeons

To farm emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons you'll need to ensure you meet certain criteria. There is no known glitch or error at time of writing that'll allow you to produce more emeralds than the game's design would intend, but there are means to significantly increase how many emeralds you can make over the course of a mission.

  • When going up a level, check all the weapons you have to see if you can grant one either the Prospector enchantment, which increases the likelihood that enemies drop emeralds. This can be upgraded multiple times, and it's a common enchantment.
  • Make sure to comb the mission thoroughly, looking for any areas you haven't been to. Secret chests of all kinds are an excellent way to make more emeralds, and areas of the map you haven't been to are marked grey.
  • The Diamond Pickaxe and Last Laugh both increase the amount of emeralds found.
  • Whenever in a safe area, go through your equipment and select all items you don't want for "Salvage". This will convert them into emeralds, with more being made the rarer the item.
  • Make sure you smash pots and breakables, these nearly always have emeralds inside them.
  • Increase the difficulty for a higher payout. You'll always want to fight enemies who come in easily-dispatched swarms, as more difficult opponents don't drop more emeralds.

Where to Spend Emeralds

Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons can be spent on certain vendors, who can be found both at your camp and while exploring certain dungeons. These vendors will sell random pieces of equipment suitable to your level, though sometimes they specialize in certain types of items to reduce the scope of what you might get. For example, a blacksmith will sell you any random weapon or armor.

Emeralds can be exchanged to vendors for random equipment. Any equipment you don't like, you can salvage back into emeralds. Efficient! | Xbox Game Studios

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Vendors always charge a set amount depending on your level for everything they're selling. This'll start at 80 emeralds per item and increase in small quantities whenever you level.

Where to Find Vendors

Vendors can be found occasionally in dungeons, usually presented as regular villagers. Known as Wandering Traders, they are often imprisoned and have to be rescued before you can trade with them. However, the procedurally-generated nature of Minecraft Dungeons means that there's no guarantees where and when you'll find one.

Vendors will also appear at your Camp as a reward for completing certain missions, and stay permanently after being unlocked. The first to show up is the Blacksmith, who will appear to the North of the Mission Select map after completing the Creeper Woods area for the first time. More will appear as you complete more missions, specializing in different kinds of item.

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