Minecraft Dungeons: How to Get Unique Weapons and Armor Quickly

Minecraft Dungeons: How to Get Unique Weapons and Armor Quickly

We show you how to farm Unique - sometimes called legendary - weapons and equipment in Minecraft Dungeons.

For the best chance of survival in Minecraft Dungeons you'll want a wide selection of Unique weapons, armor and equipment, all of which have special powers. We'll show you how to get Unique weapons and armor quickly and farm for these superior pieces of equipment.

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How to Farm Unique Weapons and Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

To get Unique weapons and armor quickly in Minecraft Dungeons you'll need to know the places where you have the highest chance of finding them, then essentially repeat this process as fast as possible. By doing this you can get unique weapons and armor quickly and make yourself a lot more powerful.

There's no shortage of Minecraft Dungeons guides here at USG, and we've got them all here at our Minecraft Dungeons walkthrough for you to check out! Whether it's battling bosses or looking for loot, we've got everything you'd ever need.

We found that while all bosses have an increased chance to drop Unique equipment, the best one to farm is the Mooshroom Monstrosity boss fight at the end of the secret cow level, which we've outlined how to unlock here. The level itself is very short, allowing players to move through it quickly and make it to the boss in minutes if they don't bother to fight the enemies on the way there (boots of Swiftness and speed-boosting enchantments can help you do this).

Once you're through the mission, defeating the boss has a roughly 50% chance of dropping a Unique weapon (we found this to be a slightly better rate than other bosses, who seemed to be somewhere between 25% and 33%). Whichever the case, you can repeat the level over and over until you have a whole satchel full of valuable equipment.

Unique equipment can have strange and valuable effects for the seasoned adventurer. | Joel Franey/USG, Xbox Game Studios

What Are Unique Weapons and Armor?

Unique weapons and armor are the highest rarity of item available, similar to what's often called legendary equipment in other games. They also usually have special effects and abilities unique to them, and can be excellent in supporting certain builds.

If that was helpful for you, there's plenty more great Minecraft Dungeons content here at USG. Check out Mike's review of the game here, or see how we might see it and other Xbox games on the Switch over here.

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