Minecraft Dungeons: How to Unlock the Secret Cow Level

Minecraft Dungeons: How to Unlock the Secret Cow Level

We show you where to find all the Runes for the Diablo easter egg, the secret cow level.

One of Minecraft Dungeons' best-known easter eggs is the secret cow level, referred to in the game simply as "???", in which the players have to battle through hundreds of Mooshroom cows. We'll explain how to unlock the secret cow level by finding all the hidden runes below.

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How to Unlock the Secret Cow Level in Minecraft Dungeons

You can unlock the secret cow level in Minecraft Dungeons by finding nine runes that appear across the game after you've completed the story. There's one rune in each mission, and once you've found them all, this will open a new path at your camp that leads to the secret cow level, listed in the game as "???".

Where to Find All the Runes

As mentioned, there are nine runes in total and they're well-concealed among the various missions. Fortunately, we've laid out their locations below. Each one is concealed by a hidden door, with a button or switch that'll open it up close by. Find the button, you'll find the rune.

MissionRune Location
Creeper WoodsAfter saving multiple villagers, head to the bottom-left to find a flat stone platform and cobblestone ruins. Inside the cobblestone is a button. Press that to open a door to the rune.
Soggy SwampAfter beating the boss, there'll be a stone column on the right, near the exit, with a button among the mushrooms around it. Press that to open an entrance just past there leading to the rune.
Cacti CanyonTo the left of the gate with the blue key is a button hidden among the foliage at the North-most point of the water, left of the open stone square. Press the button to open access to the rune.
Pumpkin PasturesMidway through the level is a stone wall/battlements you can walk on. At the top-right at the end of the wall is a few boxes with a button behind them. Press it to reveal a hidden door to the rune.
Redstone MinesVery well hidden, this button is after you've rescued villagers for the second time, at the North-West wall near some support pillars and between several redstone… er, stones. Press it to access the rune.
Desert TempleAfter getting the gold key, there'll be a room to the East with two palm trees opposite each other. The switch is behind the tree on the left, with the hidden door on the other side of the wall.
Fiery ForgeEarly on, after entering the forge itself, you'll see a dead Redstone Golem slumped on an incline. The switch is to the left of that, on the wall, with the door right next to the switch.
Highblock HallsAfter beating the first ambush of summoned enemies, go into the outside marketplace where it's raining. Head right and follow around to a switch on the wall that'll open a nearby door.
Obsidian PinnacleHalfway through the mission you'll go inside a building. After emptying it out, go to the East and find the library. Interacting with the bookshelf at the very back of the room, between two tables, will reveal a secret door with the last rune inside, as well as two chests of random loot.

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How to Use the Runes and Find the Hidden Fort

Once you have all the runes, you'll want to head back to the Camp hub area and head South-East, past the house. There'll be a once-uncrossable chasm, now with springs set up to launch you over it. Head between the pillars on the other side, but then turn sharply left between the trees down a concealed path. Follow it around to a new building, a long church. At the far end of the church's only room is a button with the glowing runes marked above it. Press that button, and if you have all the runes, it'll open a door revealing the map for the level "???", aka the secret cow level. You can now access the cow level from your main mission select map, similar to the other secret missions you can unlock.

Secret Cow Level Explained

The secret cow level is a reference to a similar mission in the Diablo games, to which Minecraft Dungeons clearly owes some inspiration. It's a straightforward level in which you'll be attacked by Mooshrooms - slow-moving fungus cows - throughout the whole thing, eventually fighting a Mooshroom Monstrosity boss at the end, who works very similarly to the Redstone Monstrosity boss fight.

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