Minecraft Celebrates Pac-Man's 40th By Putting Him In the Game

Minecraft Celebrates Pac-Man's 40th By Putting Him In the Game

The round guy just got blocky.

One of gaming's oldest faces turns 40 today, and as part of the celebration, Minecraft is adding some special DLC. More than just a costume, you can actually play Pac-Man in Minecraft too.

The new Pac-Man DLC hit the Minecraft Marketplace today, which adds a full Pac-Man world complete with massive buildings, scenery, and 10 Pac-Man stages. It looks like players just walk around as Pac-Man, essentially playing a first-person pellet-eating simulator. But of course, ghosts will impede the path, including one that has a little bit of Creeper in it.

There's also a Maze Editor, so players can build and compete in their own Pac-Man mazes. New power-ups can be earned through playing too, including some explosive abilities. I'm not sure blowing up the maze is sporting, but Pac-Man's gotta do what Pac-Man's gotta do.

The plucky Pac-Man's 40th is being celebrated in a number of ways, including a new game coming out next month that looks like Mario Maker for Pac-Man, but playable via Twitch. The time since Pac-Man first dominated arcades seems like so long ago, but even today, he remains one of the most instantly recognizable characters in gaming. He's even in Super Smash Bros.! Here's to another 40 years, where gaming will look very different, but Minecraft will probably still exist.

The Minecraft Pac-Man DLC is live now for 1340 Minecraft coins. If you're feeling nostalgic, be sure to check out our retrospective on Pac-Man's legacy from his 35th, back in 2015.

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