Minecraft Removes References to Notch in Latest Update

Minecraft Removes References to Notch in Latest Update

The latest update removed several references to Minecraft's creator.

A new Minecraft update that went live yesterday, March 27, made some minor changes that shouldn't really affect the overall experience of the game. The patch notes include new accessibility options and bug fixes, as well as the removal of references to Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson from the splash screen.

The change was first noticed on Twitter by eagle-eyed users and a quick search through the game's files reveals that any text for "Notch" has indeed been removed from the splash texts. These texts are little snippets of words that pop up on the upper right corner of the Minecraft starting menu.

These texts are often community jokes, or flavor text that were started by Persson back in 2009. References to Persson were also abound in the splash texts, but no longer. Later, Minecraft's console developer 4J Studios announced on Twitter that changes will be coming to the splash text on the Minecraft console versions as well.

The reason for the removal could be related to Persson's recent activity on social media where he espouses conspiracy theories and makes statements many see as harmful against women and the LGBT community.

Minecraft and its developer Mojang were purchased by Microsoft back in 2014 for $2.5 billion, and Persson hasn't been involved with the game since. But Persson casts a long shadow over Minecraft, and this could be Microsoft's attempt to distance itself from the creator. Persson is still listed in Minecraft's credits.

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