Minecraft: Story Mode is Getting More Episodes, Which is Great News for Young Adventure Fans

Minecraft: Story Mode is Getting More Episodes, Which is Great News for Young Adventure Fans

Even if you're not a fan of Minecraft, there's nothing wrong with kids discovering the joy of adventure games.

We haven't heard from Jesse, Olivia, Axel, or the rest of the crew from Minecraft: Story Mode since Episode 4 dropped late last year. Seems the rag-tag group of heroes finally have a date in mind to polish off all the world-saving they've been doing. Look for Episode 5: Order Up on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS, and Android on March 29 (whew!).

But Telltale isn't ready to exit Minecraft's blocky world just yet. Yesterday on Mojang's official blog, Owen Hill announced that Minecraft: Story Mode will receive three more episodes later this year.

"They’re not part of the existing season pass, but will be available for purchase to anyone who’s downloaded at least one episode of the first season," Hill wrote. He added that the new chapters will "maybe come with a slightly different flavour to the previous season." It's unclear if Episode 6 and beyond will even star Jesse and his Dead Enders (which is what I chose to name the team).

While Telltale Games tends to shut the books on their games after five episodes or so, it's unsurprising to learn Minecraft: Story Mode will endure. Minecraft is still a smokin' hot property with tons of story-telling potential seething inside of it.

Though I generally think Minecraft: Story Mode is a solid adventure game and is a treat for young Minecraft fans, I outlined some of my problems with the title back when USGamer's staff talked about episodic games in general. To recap, Story Mode's narrative relies a bit too heavily on the well-trodden "outcasts become unlikely heroes" cliché that's rampant in literature for young people.

Reuben: The coolest video game pig since Hamlet.

Ultimately, that's OK: Story Mode is obviously meant to appeal to players between the ages of seven through 15 or so -- and that's a demographic I left behind eons ago. It seems Telltale attracted the requisite number of eyeballs to make Story Mode a success, and good on them.

Besides, younger Minecraft fans seemingly can't get enough of supplementary Minecraft stories. Unofficial novels based around Mojang's world are big sellers. Hey, if us old folks had FX Nine and Worlds of Power in the '80s and '90s, kids today have every right to their own literary junk food.

If you're somehow still upset about Telltale spending time and resources on the Minecraft universe, look at it this way. Minecraft: Story Mode is a decent adventure title, and there's no such thing as getting kids interested in the adventure genre too early.

If you're an adventure game enthusiast with a younger sibling or child who's keenly interested in Minecraft: Story Mode, play it with them and enjoy the ride. Then consider preaching to them about other gods.

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