Minecraft Used to Give Microsoft Employees Virtual Look at New Campus

Unfortunately, not one section of the campus is built in a treehouse.

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Microsoft is using Minecraft to let employees preview its revised campus, which is on-track to be finished by 2020. The virtual tour is obviously blockier than the real thing, but it's still cool to take a "walk" through the campus years before it's set to be finished.

CNBC reported on the Minecraft campus tour yesterday, which is where you can see a video of what Microsoft has planned. The project is the handiwork of Blockworks, a company dedicated to converting real-world landscapes into Minecraft real estate.

"...and over here is where we're putting the idol of Clippy you're all expected to bow to twice a day."

It's been four years since Microsoft bought Minecraft (and its makers, Mojang) for a staggering $2.5 billion USD. While some people still look back on the acquisition as a sucker's deal because "kids aren't that into Minecraft anymore," be assured the block-building game is more popular than ever. China's free-to-play Minecraft server reached 100 million active users this year, and Minecraft's general player consistently eclipses Fortnite's. Moreover, most iterations of Minecraft—including the mobile version—are paid games, whereas Fortnite is free-to-play. Microsoft bought itself a license to print money, and now it's using that license to show employees what they can look forward to with the campus renovations next decade.

Minecraft is also extremely customizable, which is another reason for its continued success. That's why we put together a list of the best Minecraft mods.

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