Missing Durr Burger Mascot From Fortnite Somehow Ended Up in the Desert

Reality bites.

News by Matt Kim, .

If you were traveling the Californian desert you probably aren't expecting to encounter a big, fictional burger mascot. But that's what happened to photographer Sela Shiloni during a photoshoot in Palmdale, California when he encountered an actual sculpture of the Durr Burger mascot from Fortnite Battle Royale.

Last weekend, Fortnite Battle Royale triggered an event where a rip in the sky caused an in-game monument, the Durr Burger mascot, to disappear from the game's digital world. It was part of an event leading up to the start of Fortnite Season 5. What people probably weren't expecting was seeing that missing digital mascot to appear in the real world.

Shiloni, who is a photographer and not a gamer familiar with Fortnite, stumbled upon the mascot during his job. Considering he had no prior knowledge of Fortnite his first confused first encounter is completely understandable. "What... is this... I'm in the middle of the desert why is this here???" a confused Shiloni tweeted alongside his picture of the Durr Burger mascot.

His followers on Instagram clued him in that it was from Fortnite, but that still doesn't explain why Epic presumably set up a real Durr Burger mascot out in the Californian desert. Is this just one piece in an even larger puzzle?

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