MLB The Show 18 Adds Rain Delays for Even More Baseball Realism

Aw yeah, all the exciting action of the weather.

News by Matt Kim, .

Today's best sports games are all about realism, and MLB The Show 18 is taking veritas yet another notch by introducing Rainy Days into the game.

In real-life baseball games, rain delays happen when, well, when it rains. With those serendipitous changes to the atmosphere in mind, San Diego Studios is upping the real-time weather with more diverse weather conditions like fog and improved rain. With that rain, MLB The Show 18 also adds, that's right, rain delays!

Rain delays as they occur in MLB The Show 18 won't actually postpone the game, but will offer players some nice choices like whether or not to keep a pitcher, or warm-up a fresh thrower during the duration of the delay.

While in real-life there is a chance that a rain delay is so severe so as to reschedule a game completely, that probably won't happen in the virtual games of MLB The Show 18. However, it's a neat little addition that goes a long way into making the video game simulation even closer to the real game.

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