MLB The Show 18 Server Problems are Causing Players to Lose Online Transactions [Update: Server Maintenance Starting Soon]

Players are complaining that some online transactions are failing to register.

Update: Sony San Diego says that they're starting server maintenance soon.

Original Story

MLB The Show 18 is apparently having some serious server issues at the moment, specifically when it comes to transactions made in the game's marketplace. At the moment, some players are warning others from making any transactions for stubs or player cards as they aren't being applied accurately to player's accounts.

In a reddit thread, players are complaining of dropped transactions, lost cards, and disappearing stubs as a result of the game's online servers bugging out on them. One user commented that all the player cards they opened from 50 packs are gone, but the stubs used to pay for them returned to their account.

The issues plaguing players appear to be mostly centered on these transactional issues, with players reporting lost stubs or dropped game stats. Another player reported selling 10k stubs worth of items, only to never receive the promised amount. They wrote that "It's like they vanished out of thin air."

Not everyone appears to be suffering from server issues. The original poster wrote an edit clarifying that this is not a game-wide issue for players. Our own experiences with MLB The Show 18 have also failed to recreate the server issues affecting some players.

However, there's enough anecdotal incidents around the game's subreddit to lead us to believe that some of these claims are accurate. This is particularly interesting given that Sony San Diego committed to fixing the game's online modes, which have historically suffered from issues. San Diego Studios even axed the Online Franchise mode for that very purpose.

We reached out to Sony to clarify what exactly is happening with the servers for MLB The Show 18, and whether players can expect more complications in the future. In the meantime, check out our MLB The Show 18 review, or our complete MLB The Show 18 guides for the latest tips and info.

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