MLB The Show 19's Road to the Show is Looking More and More Like an RPG

Road to the Show is getting some deeper role-playing mechanics.

MLB The Show 19 is right around the corner, and Sony's San Diego Studio recently went in depth on the revamped career mode Road To The Show. As usual you'll create a character and take them to the Hall of Fame, but with MLB The Show 19 there are some new, RPG-like elements along the way.

MLB The Show 19 is introducing a bunch of new features in its career mode, including a Persona-esque relationship mechanic. Personality Growth and Relationships lets you develop you character's personality based on how they interact with others in the locker room. You can be a "Maverick," "Lightning Rod," "Captain," or the "Heart and Soul" of the team based on what you bring to the diamond everyday from your heart. These personalities will translate into perks that match your role in the team.

Training montages will also become a little more dynamic. In MLB The Show 19, various training exercises will now be minigames with interactive challenges. So, if you wanted a little Mario Party in your workout regimen, MLB The Show 19 has you covered.

Lastly, there are in-game challenges that offer specific objectives players can complete for rewards. These can be anything from winning a certain number of games, to making a specific hit at-bat. You can tailor the rewards to your specifications and earn points based on how many challenges you complete. There are no consequences for failing challenges either.

MLB The Show 19 is coming out on March 26 for the PlayStation 4. Free agent Bryce Harper is the cover star for MLB The Show 19, though his free agent status might change by the time MLB The Show 19 rolls around.

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