MLB The Show Patch 1.05 Increases Pitch Speeds

MLB The Show Patch 1.05 Increases Pitch Speeds

Pitching speeds have been raised from "nyoom" to "NYOOOM."

What's up, baseball fans. MLB The Show 18 received a patch earlier today (v1.05) that tweaks several things, most notably pitching mechanics. Shortly after the game released, players complained about slow pitching speeds. Pitching speed has since been increased across all of MLB The Show 2018's game modes.

The patch notes, which were captured and shared on the MLB The Show subreddit by "aquax101," also fixes soft locks and hard crashes some players reported. Certain animation errors have been remedied, too. The pitching speed increase is what players are happiest about, however. "They [SIE San Diego Studio] listened!" wrote redditor "MidsizeGorilla" when they read the patch notes. "cocoboco101" remarked, "Oh good. Now my 90% early swings may actually connect."

"These guys aren't so tough. I've got Wonderbat."

Overall, players are especially pleased their complaints were addressed so quickly. MLB The Show 18 hit the PlayStation 4 on March 27. A two-day turnaround for an important patch is pretty good.

No matter what kind of pitches are lobbed at you, we have some great hints, tips, and guides for playing your best game in MLB The Show 18. And even if you're not a baseball fan, you can still appreciate Kat's quest to make the legendary Babe Ruth suffer in MLB The Show 18 by sticking him in with the Minnesota Twins.

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