Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour on Mobile Needs an Engine Tune-Up, Delayed Until Summertime

The wheels on the kart are not going 'round.

Bad news, Mario Kart fans. Mario Kart Tour has been delayed. Nintendo announced its next mobile game, Mario Kart Tour, a year ago. Since then, we've seen neither a puff of exhaust nor a tire skid from the project. All we have is a logo, and it looks like that's all we're getting for some time.

Early this morning, Nintendo of Japan Tweeted that Mario Kart Tour has been delayed into summer of this year. It was initially due to launch by the end of the current fiscal year on March 31. Though the news of the delay is in Japanese, Google translates it cleanly. Nintendo is using the extra time to improve the quality of the app and "expand the content of the service after delivery."

Given Mario Kart is a household name, it's not surprising Nintendo wants to delay Mario Kart Tour until it's comfortable with its quality and performance. A bad launch could potentially ding the valuable Mario Kart brand.

Nintendo also needs another mobile game win. Though the Switch is hot fire, Nintendo's not been able to tap into the artery of the highly lucrative mobile games market. Fire Emblem Heroes is probably the company's best mobile success, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp still commands a loyal fanbase, but it has yet to release a game that comes anywhere close to touching the success of Pokemon Go (which is based on a Nintendo property, but isn't actually a Nintendo game).

Mobile game development is a big growth target for new Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa, so it's natural Nintendo wants to tap the brakes on Mario Kart Tour so the team can apply those finishing touches. Our Mario Kart Tour guide will stay updated with new information as it comes, so keep an eye out.

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