Mode 7 Brings Tokyo 42 to PC and Consoles in 2017

Mode 7 Brings Tokyo 42 to PC and Consoles in 2017

Frozen Synapse's developer becomes a publisher for the first time.

Mode 7 has announced that it will be bringing SMAC Games' stylish isometric cyberpunk game Tokyo 42 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is currently planned for simultaneous release in early 2017.

What is Tokyo 42? It's an action game inspired classic titles like Syndicate, Worms, and the first Grand Theft Auto. You're a fresh-faced freelance assassin, using some bullets, some dodging, and the ability to blend into crowds to dispatch your target. The game is played completely from an isometric perspective and presented in a thoroughly minimalist open-world.

"It's an action game to its colourful core: every bullet and grenade has full physics, enabling you to dodge and weave while you take on rival gang members, the police or sinister corporate drones," wrote Mode 7 managing director Paul Kilduff-Taylor on the PlayStation Blog. "You pick up pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, katanas and a slew of other weapons along the way, jumping and rotating the camera to gain access to new parts of the world."

"You can change your skin to blend in with the crowd and shake off rival assassins who have been sent to hunt you down. This mechanic also allows you to infiltrate the various groups you'll come across: the Punks, the Skins (a militant nudist faction) and the all-powerful NanoMed corporation will permit you passage through their territory if you are appropriately attired."

Tokyo 42 also has a full multiplayer Arena mode, where players spawn in an areas with no idea of their opponents' positions. Players have to blend in and look for clues as to the other players and then take them out.

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