Mods Turn Link's Motorcycle from Breath of the Wild into Sonic the Hedgehog and Other Atrocities

Mods Turn Link's Motorcycle from Breath of the Wild into Sonic the Hedgehog and Other Atrocities

Need to get to Lake Hylia in a hurry? Just pull on Sonic's ears.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a next-level game, and its modding community is suitably next-level, too.

To date, the mods are only supported on the Wii U version of the game (and on the PC via emulation, cough cough). Breath of the Wild's modders make up a small pack, but they're a clever bunch of tool-wielding Moblins.

WilianZilv's work is particularly stunning. Their mods range from desirable (play as Princess Zelda) to funny (play as Woody from Toy Story with Buzz Lightyear standing in as your parasail) to sigh-worthy (play as Shrek).

WilianZilv's latest mods tinker with Link's motorcycle DLC, and the results are as hilarious as they are horrific.

First and most importantly, here's Link's cycle as Sonic the Hedgehog. Note how Link steers by pulling at Sonic's ears. This one's not available to the public yet, but rest assured, your best nightmare is coming soon.

Next, ride around with Big Smoke from Grand Theft Auto V in cargo. This one's ready to go as soon as you are. Here's the download link.

Finally: Just jump on the Roadrunner's back and take off. Do it. Do it. The Coyote's after you, and if he catches you, you're through.

No download link for this one yet.

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