Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Sold Eight Times as Many Copies on Switch

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Sold Eight Times as Many Copies on Switch

Cursed Kingdom's Switch sales numbers feast on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In last year's holiday excitement, you might've overlooked Game Atelier's Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. The key word here is "might've," since it turns out Cursed Kingdom found one heck of an audience on the Nintendo Switch.

According to a Tweet made yesterday by FDG Entertainment, Cursed Kingdom's publisher, the 2D action-adventure game is thriving on Nintendo's handheld / console hybrid. Though you can also grab Cursed Kingdom on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and (as of 2019) PC, the Switch version is currently outselling every other iteration of the game combined by a ratio of 8:1.

"[The Switch is] the most profitable console business ever for us," says FDG, which also published the hit 2013 mobile game Oceanhorn (which was later ported to the Switch and other platforms). "It’s another universe in regards of sales numbers."

The Switch is currently the hottest platform for indie developers, especially studios that develop bright, colorful 2D games. Eric Barone's farming sim, Stardew Valley, hit the big time on Steam, but it really took off on the Switch. Celeste, which received a good deal of recognition in 2018, sold best on Switch versus any other platform. Even previous releases like Hollow Knight and Dead Cells reached a large new audience when they came to the Switch.

There's no arguing the Switch's benefit to Nintendo and independent developers alike, which is why we hope Nintendo puts some effort into making the eShop a less cluttered, easier-to-navigate space in the coming year. A clean work space is a happy work space.

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