Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Roaring Onto Nintendo Switch, Release Date Revealed

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Roaring Onto Nintendo Switch, Release Date Revealed

You're not being left out of the Hunt, Switch owners.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, also known as Monster Hunter XX in Japan, is coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer. By this point, most Switch owners have made peace with the fact Nintendo's handheld / console hybrid probably won't be getting Monster Hunter: World anytime soon (if ever), but Generations Ultimate isn't a poor consolation prize by any means.

Capcom Unity broke the news about Generations Ultimate earlier today. Monster Hunter XX came to the Nintendo Switch in Japan back in August 2017, and fans of the franchise have been wondering if we'd ever see a localization. Here you are. It's happening.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is an HD upgrade of 2015's Monster Hunter Generations for the Nintendo 3DS. Regardless of whether you're an old hand at the series or you were brought into the fold by Monster Hunter: World, you know the score: You, a Hunter, hunt down myriad prehistoric monsters, carve them up, and wear their body parts like trophies. Oh, and there are bipedal cats that hunt along with you, because Monster Hunter is generally pretty great.

If you already have Monster Hunter Generations save data slumming on your Nintendo 3DS, you'll be able to transfer it to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. You can also count on new content. "Continuing the celebration started by Monster Hunter Generations on Nintendo 3DS, we're expanding the monster roster, the number of ways you can hunt, and cranking up the challenge with 'G Rank' quests," the Capcom Unity reveal states. "If you played the original game, good news is you'll be able to transfer your save data and jump straight into all the new content on Nintendo Switch!"

Another day, another Deviljho. No doubt the enormous success of Monster Hunter: World helped make the decision to localize this nifty little Switch title an easy one. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 28, and it'll be playable at E3 this year.

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