Monster Hunter Stories for iOS and Android Now Available in the West

Fully translated and available now.

Monster Hunter Stories, the story-driven Monster Hunter spin-off originally released for 3DS, was ported to iOS and Android in Japan late last year. The mobile port has finally made its way West, and is available now for iOS and Android devices.

Capcom has been porting a handful of its more well-known series to mobile as of late, though generally, these games remain Japan only. It’s great then, to see an iOS and Android port of Monster Hunter Stories appearing on the Western Apple Store and Google Play storefronts. Monster Hunter Stories was originally released on 3DS, though the Japan-only mobile port that followed features upgraded graphics and autosave.

It’s worth noting that while there have been some updates to Monster Hunter Stories in its transition to mobile platforms, it’s still very much a premium product. Monster Hunter Stories will set you back $19.99, and does not feature in-app purchases. It’s also fully translated, and comes packed with the same online multiplayer modes.

Monster Hunter Stories isn’t your regular Monster Hunter game. Instead of hunting and killing monsters, you befriend them, and can ride your monster companions. Monster Hunter Stories favors turn-based combat over the usual hack and slash affair, and is more of a traditional JRPG in many ways. If you want to try out Monster Hunter Stories on iOS and Android, there is currently a demo on both platforms.

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