Monster Hunter World 2.01 Update to fix Glitches For Bow and Item Pouch

Monster Hunter World 2.01 Update to fix Glitches For Bow and Item Pouch

A-hunting we will go.

Another patch is inbound for Monster Hunter: World, and its primary purpose is perform some vital re-balancing of weapons and items. Update 2.01 (that's update for the Xbox One) is coming tomorrow (April 4), and it makes important fixes to the Bow weapon, among other things.

In update 2.00, a bug fix to the Bow's Dragon Piercer attack resulted in another hiccup that sometimes causes players to not face in the direction of the aiming reticle. Monster Hunter: World's patch notes for 2.01 go into detail about the problem, and they also offer an apology for making a change to the bow so close to the 2018 Monster Hunter Championships. The Monster Hunter Championships are a popular monster hunting tournament in Japan, and participants understandably prefer not to have their tools tweaked so close to game time.

"C'mon, hit me with that crummy bow of yours! I'll give you a free shot."

Capcom also changed (and apologized for changing) Monster Hunter: Word's fixed item order after another bug made the alteration necessary. Regular players probably won't care much, but again, participants in the Championships will have to refine their muscle memories.

Whatever fun tweaks Capcom makes, we can help you take home the best trophies with our guides, tips, and tricks for Monster Hunter: World. You might be interested in learning how to slay Monster Hunter: World's newest arrival, the vicious Deviljho.

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