Monster Hunter World Dante Outfit Releasing This Month

Monster Hunter World Dante Outfit Releasing This Month

Dante's wild hunt is almost upon us.

Dante of Devil May Cry fame is coming home to Monster Hunter: World this month. On April 27, to be exact. Note that's the date when Dante arrives in Japanese versions of the game: While he may indeed arrive in the Western version of the game at the same time, Capcom has yet to make any kind of confirmation.

Japan received a trailer yesterday announcing Dante's imminent arrival. While the Dante outfit is free, the Dante emotes must be purchased (thanks, Resetera). It's not entirely clear what you need to do to get Dante's duds, though. Chances are good you'll need to complete a quest. It'd be awesome if you need to beat up the Deviljho, but it'd also kind of suck because putting down that vicious beastie is no small order. It's worth taking a crack at, though: I covet that shiny red overcoat. And lest we forget, Dante's famous weapons are coming to Monster Hunter: World, too.

Capcom's latest entry in the Monster Hunter series became a big success worldwide when it arrived earlier this year. It's a wild and untamed land out there, though. You're going to want to read up on our guides, tips, and hints for Monster Hunter: World before you take on any hunts in Dante's name.

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