Monster Hunter World Deviljho Release Date Looks to Have Been Outed and It's Very Soon

Monster Hunter World Deviljho Release Date Looks to Have Been Outed and It's Very Soon

The Deviljho release date seems to have been leaked just a little bit ahead of time.

An article in Famitsu looks to have got the scoop on the release date for the Deviljho DLC creature for Monster Hunter World, the first major additional content to be added to the game by Capcom post-launch.

According to the report from Japanese publication Famitsu, the Deviljho monster looks set to be made available for players around the globe on March 22. We’d assume this would be a global release date for the creature and not only for Japan, given that Monster Hunter World launched at the same time around the world.

The Deviljho in action, courtesy of Famitsu.

A Monster Hunter World live stream by Capcom is set to take place later today, on March 14, where it was assumed that the release date for the Deviljho creature would be detailed. We already knew that the ferocious new predator would be arriving in the Ancient Forest area of the game in Spring 2018, when Capcom showed off artwork of the Deviljho picking up the Great Jagras with its massive jaws like it was no big thing.

This Deviljho is the only clear DLC that’s been outlined by Capcom so far for Monster Hunter World. Rumors were swirling last month surrounding Monster Hunter World DLC, which claimed that paid DLC packs would be releasing for the game in Summer, Fall, and Winter, bringing massive new areas to explore with them. The upcoming Deviljho monster however, is entirely free to all players.

This might be the Deviljho outed, but we’ve got plenty of guides on how to take down even more powerful creatures in Monster Hunter World. Head over to our guides on how to kill the Xeno’jiiva, as well as how to kill the Nergigante.

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