Monster Hunter: World Expert Shows Off the Coolest Way to Kill a Monster

Monster Hunter: World Expert Shows Off the Coolest Way to Kill a Monster

Ride 'em cowboy.

There's more than one way to skin a monster in Monster Hunter: World. You can stay on the ground and swing wildly at your prey (my preferred method), or you can inject a little style into your hunt.

Monster Hunter fan "LemonsofOsaka" demonstrated plenty of the latter to the Monster Hunter subreddit the other day when they brought down a flying Legiana monster by leaping off a cliff, grappling onto a branch, then swinging up and onto the creature's back.

Somewhere, in some alternate universe, Batman just felt a pang of shame shudder through him, and he doesn't even know why.

I'm a Monster Hunter newbie, but I might try this move anyway. I'll catch you all after my Hunter goes through the long, agonizing process of mending his shattered legs.

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