Monster Hunter: World Fan Imitates Game's Character Creator with Great Results

Monster Hunter: World Fan Imitates Game's Character Creator with Great Results

Elastic faces: They're not just for the MT Framework engine anymore!

Many of us use robust character creators in games to "make" friends and loved ones and insert them into the events of the game (or we "make" our enemies and march them directly off the nearest cliff). But one Japanese Monster Hunter: World fan flipped roles and built the game around himself.

No, he didn't find a way to draw Monster Hunter: World out of its digital confines and into the tangible space—though I believe with all my heart that blessed day will come, and we will truly start living. He just inserted himself into a video and pretended his face is being manipulated for the character creator. All things told, it's a great imitation.

Actually, I wonder if merging our real-world selves and Monster Hunter: World would be a good idea after all. Monster Hunter: World's characters are buff, beautiful, capable of surviving long falls, and boldly take tail-whacks directly to the face. My body starts hurting at the very thought of taking a trip to the grocery store. I still want to roast and eat the forelimb of a herbivore dinosaur someday, though.

Monster Hunter: World is on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It's coming to PC this fall.

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