Monster Hunter World Gets a Witcher 3 Collaboration Event in Spring 2019

And Geralt still hates portals.

Announced today on December 10, Capcom revealed an upcoming Witcher 3 collaboration event with Monster Hunter World. While there isn't a solid release date yet for the new content, we know that Geralt of Rivia himself will be coming to Capcom's huge game.

Just below, you can check out the full livestream, where Capcom announced the Witcher 3 collaboration event. Capcom mentioned that they'd been working with CD Projekt RED for the upcoming event, so that they "got it right."

As we mentioned previously, there's no set release date for the Witcher 3 collaboration quest in Monster Hunter World. However during the livestream, Capcom said they'd have more news to share near the beginning of 2019.

Elsewhere in the livestream, Capcom revealed Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. It's a brand new expansion for Capcom's game, and it'll be releasing near the end of 2019, containing brand new areas, storylines, quests, monsters, and more.