Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Will Let You Chill In A Hot Spring With Your Cat Friends

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Will Let You Chill In A Hot Spring With Your Cat Friends

Also, Glavenus and another familiar face are here to mess you up.

A new trailer for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne was released this morning, showing off the deadly Glavenus' return and two new monster subspecies. But most importantly, we got a glimpse of the hot springs hub where you can hang out between hunts, and it looks supremely chill.

Set in the frozen north, where extreme temperatures are as much a concern as the monsters. And the monsters are pretty fearsome; revealed in this trailer is the veteran Glavenus, a giant monster with a sword-tail that looks like it would mess you up pretty bad.

Two other monsters get their own variations for the north, and at the end of the trailer, the explosive Brachydios makes a surprise appearance. Seriously, there is an alarming number of apex predators that your hunter just casually stumbles into. But it is fun watching how these new monsters can tear up the terrain, crash through the ice, and chomp one another mid-fight.

Amid all the chaos, it's important to get some rest and relaxation, which is where the hot springs come in. These look like a new social hub for hunters looking to get away, and it seems like you can play with your Palico cat pal, as well as feed the local (less lethal) wildlife. Also there's a sauna? I question whether a cat would actually enjoy a sauna.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the upcoming major expansion for Monster Hunter World, set to drop September 6 and carry on with more updates past launch. If you want some more info about the game from the developers themselves, check out our interview with them from E3 2019.

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