Monster Hunter World is Getting Devil May Cry's Dante, and he's as Badass as Ever

Deviljho May Cry.

News by Nadia Oxford, .

Capcom's Devil May Cry HD collection is here, and its arrival comes bundled with an exciting bit of news: Dante, devil-killer extraordinaire, is coming to Monster Hunter: World.

And where Dante goes, his insane array of weapons follows. The half-demon can arm himself in Monster Hunter: World with a combination of the Force Edge and Alastor. As Capcom's #1 Monster Hunter expert, Yuri Araujo, points out on Capcom Unity's official announcement for the team-up, the heavy weapon works a bit differently compared to similar blades in Monster Hunter.

"[T]hat weapon falls in the Charge Blade category, and typically features a hefty shield that, when combined with its matching sword, can turn into a massive axe," Araujo writes. "As you can see, we’re putting a bit of a DMC twist to the formula and leaving the shield out of the picture altogether (you’ll still be able to guard though) and instead of a sword turning into an axe, you’ll get a Force Edge that turns into a massive Alastor."

The content is free and can be earned through a special event quest when the time comes. For now, you might want to learn everything you can about how to use weapons in Monster Hunter: World. Rumor has it this game is pretty popular. Get in lots of practice before the new content drops so you can look extra-cool as Dante. It's a sure-fire path to friendship and success.

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  • Avatar for nimzy #1 nimzy 6 months ago
    I can't wait for the new box art.
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  • Avatar for Ingonyama70 #2 Ingonyama70 6 months ago
    I'm only a little thrown by the fact that they're using Trish's theme music from MvC3 in the trailer. Is she going to appear as well? How are they appearing in this game, as NPCs or playables?

    Admittedly I know very little of Monster Hunter, though I do plan to give World a try sometime when I can afford it. It looks interesting and I'll need something to tide me over until I can ascertain whether or not EA has killed Dragon Age 4 to death.
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  • Avatar for Taborcarn #3 Taborcarn 6 months ago
    @Ingonyama70 They're armor sets that work as costumes you can wear to make your character appear as Dante (or Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, or Ryu from Street Fighter).
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