Monster Hunter World is the Biggest New Game Launch on Steam This Year

Monster Hunter World is the Biggest New Game Launch on Steam This Year

It’s also takes the top spot for the biggest launch of any Japanese game on Steam, ever.

Monster Hunter World has had quite the successful launch on PC, drawing in a peak of 239,779 players on its first day on Steam. This officially makes it the biggest launch of any new title on Steam this year. Not only that, but Monster Hunter World is also now the biggest launch of a Japanese game in Steam history.

The monster-mashing multiplayer game released yesterday (August 10) on Steam, and managed to pull in some seriously impressive numbers. It beat Kingdom Come: Deliverance to become the biggest new game launch this year on Steam, and is easily Capcom’s most successful PC launch.

It’s good news for Japanese games, as Monster Hunter World has had the biggest launch of any Japanese title on Steam ever. It peaked at 239,779 players on its first day, eclipsing the previous title holder Dark Souls 3, which pulled in 129,831 players back in 2016.

Monster Hunter World is the first mainline entry in the long-running series to come to PC, having launched on consoles in January of this year. It was received extremely well, and quickly became the fastest selling game in Capcom’s history. It seems that PC players were very hungry for a Monster Hunter game, so let’s hope that Monster Hunter World’s success will convince Capcom to support the platform better in the future.

For more on Monster Hunter World, head over to our Monster Hunter World Guides Hub. It’s full of useful info, whether you’re a rookie or a battle-hardened veteran, so is worth checking out if you get stuck.

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