Monster Hunter: World PC Won't Include Cross-Platform Play, Mod Support Unlikely

Just monster huntin' on your own lonely island.

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It's been a long wait for PC fan of Monster Hunter: World, but that wait is almost over. Monster Hunter: World is coming to Steam on August 9, 2018. There's a few features that PC players expect that won't be along for the ride though.

Monster Hunter: World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto confirmed to PCGamer that the game wouldn't have mod support or cross-platform multiplayer at release.

"We don't have anything to announce at this time," said Tsujimoto when asked about mod support.

In fact, Tsujimoto wouldn't even confirm the PC version getting content updates on the same schedule as the console versions. PC players waited for the base game, and they might be waiting for future monsters and gear.

"I want to synch these up as much as possible, but as mentioned previously regarding title updates, the differences in versions between platforms may prevent them being completely the same time," said Tsujimoto. "[Balance patches] will be a case-by-case situation. If we find bugs that are happening only on PC for example, or issues arising after a title update, then we would put patches out on each platform as soon as possible. If there was an issue common to all platforms, however, doing it piecemeal would be less preferable than fixing every version at the same time so that everyone has the same experience."

The game's Steam store page also confirms that Monster Hunter: World on PC will be using the Denuvo anti-tamper software. PC players have avoid Denuvo games in the past because it can cause issues on some systems.

If you're looking to get into Monster Hunter: World on the ground floor, you can check out our Beginner's Guide.

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  • Avatar for Monkey-Tamer #1 Monkey-Tamer 4 months ago
    Supposedly it won't have typical PC graphics options until a patch after release so that there is parity with consoles. There goes my hype. Call me if and when the patch comes out. If there's a frame rate cap that will also lose a lot of potential PC customers. Top it all up with our most hated DRM and Capcom is acting like they're allergic to money.
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  • Avatar for link6616 #2 link6616 4 months ago
    I mean... did anyone really expect cross platform play here?
    @Monkey-Tamer I'm not sure a frame cap will really lose a lot of PC customers. Based on the PS4 pro and xbx it seems like it has an uncapped frame rate (although probably really capped at a 60 it never reaches)
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  • Avatar for Monkey-Tamer #3 Monkey-Tamer 4 months ago
    @link6616 I was worried about it being capped at 30 like Shenmue.
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  • Avatar for moochan #4 moochan 4 months ago
    I'm excited to finally play. Sad over the cross play since I wouldn't mind playing with Xbox players. It's going to be fun to finally wear some monster helmets again. Just hope there's not a lot of bugs when this version comes out.
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  • Avatar for Mooglepies #5 Mooglepies 4 months ago
    Capcom PC ports tend to be very solid and well-optimised so it bodes well if you're looking at getting this.

    I was a little disappointed with this back in January so I'm not double dipping this time but probably worth a play if you didn't back then.
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  • Avatar for camchow #6 camchow 4 months ago
    Not surprising that there isn't official mod support considering the game tries to get you to play with other people, even people you don't know. I wouldn't rule out the fan community making unofficial mods though, especially stuff that is cosmetic. I could definitely go for some retextures on certain armors for example.
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #7 donkeyintheforest 4 months ago
    @Monkey-Tamer from the other article on usg:

    "Monster Hunter: World does have graphical settings above "High" and it can run at 60 FPS, so don't let those notes worry you. This was confirmed by Capcom UK Community Manager Josh Dahdrai on Twitter. "Edited July 2018 by donkeyintheforest
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