Monster Hunter: World PC Patch Fixes Crashing Issues, Will be Included in Final Version for Customers

Monster Hunter: World PC Patch Fixes Crashing Issues, Will be Included in Final Version for Customers

The new PC build is closer to the launch version.

One of the first impressions from reviewers playing an early version of Monster Hunter: World on PC was that there was a persistent crashing problem. That problem appears to have been fixed today thanks to a small 132MB update that stabilized the build.

Prior to the patch Monster Hunter: World on PC put a heavy toll on your graphics card and CPU. Even on high end graphics cards the game dropped frames at the higher visual settings. We had problems trying to find a PC capable of even handling the game when we first got Monster Hunter: World for PC.

Monster Hunter: World

One of the biggest advantages of Monster Hunter: World on PC is running the game in 60fps, but the early, pre-patch version of Monster Hunter: World on PC had a hard time hitting the highest settings without dropping framerates and crashing. Capcom says this would not be the release version of Monster Hunter: World PC.

In a statement Capcom said, "The development team is working hard right up until launch to ensure PC gamers around the world can enjoy the Monster Hunter: World experience. Thanks to the development teams continued efforts, a patch has been made available for download now for the preview build which fixes crashing issues. The version that consumers will be playing at launch will include this patch."

Monster Hunter: World came out on consoles in January 2018 and quickly became one of Capcom's best-selling titles. In May Monster Hunter: World reached close to 8 million sales, and is easily one of the best performing games in the Monster Hunter franchise.

While a PC version was announced at the same time as the consoles, Capcom revealed that the PC version would come out months after the console versions in an effort to produce the best version possible.

With the new patch, Monster Hunter: World on PC should hopefully be more accurate of the final release version. You can check out our Monster Hunter: World guide in the meantime, or read our glowing perfect score Monster Hunter: World review.

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