Monster Hunter: World PC Release Date Coming on July 9

Monster Hunter: World PC Release Date Coming on July 9

Capcom is teasing more details about the missing PC release for Monster Hunter: World.

Folks have been enjoying Monster Hunter: World on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for some months now, but PC players have been missing out. The game was announced on all three platforms, but the PC version was given a Fall 2018 release window. Now it seems that Capcom is ready to let players know when they can expect the final platform.

So when can we expect to find out all of the details for the PC version of Monster Hunter: World?

Yep, Monday, July 9 at 9am PT / 12pm ET. Capcom previously said it wanted to optimize the PC version, hence the delay from the January 2018 release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions. It looks like we're almost there folks.

Monster Hunter: World has already sold 7.9 million units worldwide on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Capcom has offered a number of free updates to the game since its original launch date, with the latest one including the Elder Dragon Lunastra and a bunch of new gear for players to craft.

If you're looking to get into Monster Hunter: World on the ground floor, you can check out our Beginner's Guide.

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