Monster Hunter: World's HDR Could Be a Lot Better

Monster Hunter: World's HDR Could Be a Lot Better

It's too bright.

It's been over two weeks and Monster Hunter: World is proving to be 2018's big early hit. Critical acclaim and mainstream attention has made Capcom's newest Monster Hunter game one of the best-received in the series. However, as we've continued to pour in hours into Monster Hunter: World, we can't help but ask: What's up with the game's HDR?

As we've made our way through Monster Hunter: World, we noticed that there's something going on with the game's lighting and HDR, especially on the more graphically-intense consoles. On the PS4 Pro, the lighting tends to look washed-out, and no amount of fiddling with the settings seems to help. Checking online, it's become clear we're not the only ones dealing with a subpar HDR.

My eyes!

On Reddit, players have been asking why the HDR on the PS4 Pro looks washed out. User 'MrConbon' posted on theMonster Hunter subreddit that, "There's 20 settings on the brightness scale and everything past [one] is ridiculously too bright." They even say that they prefer the game without HDR as colors finally look vivid after the feature is disabled.

Our friends at DigitalFoundry have also noticed the issue, mentioning that there is a "serious complaint" with the lighting and gamma setup in their breakdown of Monster Hunter: World. They say that like the previous Monster Hunter games, "Monster Hunter World features overly bright, high intensity, washed-out lighting in many scenes-but even when it's dark, the use of contrast isn't what it could be." DigitalFoundry says that there is a flatness to the game overall "exacerbated by a mediocre HDR implementation."

The complications we've had on Pro consoles trying to get the game's lighting to a reasonable level has been a growing concern for us. We've reached out to Capcom to ask whether a fix is coming eventually for the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X version, and were told that the company is working to give us some answers.

In the meantime, we're still having a blast with Monster Hunter: World. Our review of the game delivered it a perfect score, and we've already broken down everything from its gameplay, to the Palicos. You can also check out our complete guide for the latest info.

We're working hard to get you some answers to hopefully figure out what's going on with the game's lighting. If we're lucky, the issue will be addressed by the time Monster Hunter: World comes out on PC later this fall.

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