Monster Hunter XX Switch Coming In August, 3DS Save Transfers and Cross-Play Confirmed

Monster Hunter XX Switch Coming In August, 3DS Save Transfers and Cross-Play Confirmed

Japanese Switch owners get Monster Hunter XX on Switch real soon.

Today at the Monster Hunter Championship 2017, Capcom gave more details about the upcoming release of Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch. The game will launch in Japan on August 25, 2017, according to a translation by Gematsu.

Monster Hunter XX will cost 5,800 yen at retail and 5,546 yen as a download, prices that lineup with the launch price of Monster Hunter X and Monster Hunter XX in Japan. Monster Hunter X came to the United States as Monster Hunter Generations for $39.99, so a potential North American release will likely hit that same price point.

One important tidbit of news is that Capcom confirmed that Monster Hunter XX will have save transfers and online-only cross-play with the recently-released 3DS version of the game. This means parties can rock local multiplayer with up to four members on Switch, or any combination of both systems online. Veteran Japanese players don't have to worry about losing their progress, though the transfer only moves towards the Switch and not vice-versa.

There's also a special Monster Hunter XX Switch bundle, which contains a special MonHun-themed Switch dock. That will retail to 36,280 yen in Japan.

It's likely we'll hear more about a Monster Hunter XX localization for North America and Europe at E3 2017 next month. I wonder if they 3DS and Switch version will see a simultaneous release in the West, given the fact that MonHun XX has yet to release on our shores?

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