More Details Leak for Battlefield 5 for Campaign and Co-Op

More Details Leak for Battlefield 5 for Campaign and Co-Op

Details emerge for the next Battlefield game set in WW2.

Last week it was reported that the next Battlefield will be set in World War 2, not Vietnam like previously rumored. Now, more details have come up about the next Battlefield game, including details about its campaign, multiplayer, and gameplay.

As reported by GamesBeat, the next Battlefield game, internally named "Battlefield V" (Not Battlefield 2), will be the next logical evolution after 2016's Battlefield 1. While the name is not final, the setting will take place in World War 2, with GamesBeat reporting that the campaign will be similar in structure to Battlefield 1's episodic, mutli-perspective approach to storytelling.

A promotional image for Battlefield 1

According to the report, EA and DICE are trying to make the two games consistent with one another, which makes sense considering how successful Battlefield 1 was. This means bringing back elements from Battlefield 1 such as voice actors like Katherine Kingsley, who voiced an announcer in the multiplayer mode for Battlefield 1. She posted an Instagram photo of her in the recording booth on January 1 with the "#battlefield" as a caption.

Co-op is apparently also in the cards for Battlefield V, with a leak suggesting that a special Conquest mode will task teams of players to run through "randomly generated Conquest missions," but details aren't final.

Lastly, and this is kind of a fun bonus detail, but apparently players can go prone on their backs during combat. That means players who are possible pushed on their backs, or fall backwards can shoot like that. Games like Rainbow Six: Siege allow players to this already, and it adds an extra movement option during combat.

These are new details following our own report that the next Battlefield game will bring back loot boxes, but only with cosmetics. Battlefield 1 also had a cosmetic-only loot box system, and after the controversy surrounding EA's Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot situation, it's unlikely that EA will try and attract that kind of scrutiny once more.

All these reports also indicate that development for Battlefield's WW2 game are pretty far along, and ready for its planned release later this year. A previous rumor suggested this year's Battlefield game will be a Vietnam-era Bad Company 3, but those rumors have been debunked.

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