More Fire Emblem: Three Houses Details, Including Costume DLC, Confirmed via Game's Download Card

The Professor's New Look.

A bunch of new Fire Emblem: Three Houses info has been confirmed via a new download card in Japan. It includes confirmation of DLC costumes, the file size, and more.

A download card for Fire Emblem: Three Houses recently went on sale in Japan, and a picture of the back of one has started to float around different forums like the Fire Emblem subreddit. You can see it below via Twitter user Nibel's post:

Fan translators have scraped some info from it, including the game's file size (about 12 GB) and the inclusion of online play, though it's unclear what that entails. We already knew about Amiibo support from our E3 2019 preview, where we saw the "Amiibo gazebo." Yes, I will never avoid an opportunity to type those words out.

The big news is the confirmation of DLC in several forms: new quests, side stories, and clothing options. While Fire Emblem is no stranger to DLC, with previous games having many paralogues and what-if missions to play, the clothing DLC is an added bonus for those hoping to customize characters a little more than they could at the outset.

In my hands-on with Fire Emblem: Three Houses, I walked away sincerely impressed as a series fan. The bucking of the weapon triangle reminded me of older Fire Emblem games, but the school life and management portions had a Persona or Tokyo Mirage Sessions feel to them. It will also, thankfully, have romance, though after a time skip so there isn't any weirdness about the whole professor-student thing. Clearly, Three Houses is not a CW show. We'll see how all this DLC pans out closer to the game's July 26 release on the Nintendo Switch.

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