More Shenmue 3 Details to Be Revealed at an Anime Con Next Month

More Shenmue 3 Details to Be Revealed at an Anime Con Next Month

In the meantime, have some new images.

Monaco Anime Game International Conferences ("MAGIC Monaco") is an anime and video game convention that takes place in, believe it or not, Monaco. This year, it happens on February 24.

If you're a Shenmue fan and you happen to be in that corner of the world (weirder coincidences have happened), you might want to stop by. Yu Suzuki is a guest, and new screenshots and gameplay details for Shenmue 3 are expected.

MAGIC Monaco announced its guest list and itinerary during a recent press conference, which was reported by GameBlog senior editor Romain Mahut. Resetera offers a translated summary of the conference, as well as three new screens for Shenmue 3.

Exciting stuff, but Shenmue 3 alone does not a conference make. Other MAGIC Monaco sights and sounds include a guest appearance by Yoji Shinkawa of Kojima Productions, a game creation contest, and an appearance by the rare and elusive Nintendo PlayStation. You might even get a chance to play it. It's as close as you're going to get to petting a hippogriff.

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