Mortal Kombat X Mobile Tips for iPhone and iPad

Mortal Kombat X Mobile Tips for iPhone and iPad

Tips to help you get started with Mortal Kombat X Mobile for the iPhone and iPad.

Mortal Kombat X is the goriest, most brutal entry in the franchise, and NetherRealm Studios brought the carnage to iPhone and iPad. Borrowing from popular games like WWE Immortals and Injustice Gods Among Us, the iOS version of MKX throws players into the most brutal arena ever in 3 vs 3 battles for supremacy. The game also supports Faction Wars, which is an online competitive leaderboard available in each version of the game. If you want to stay on top and level up your fighters, you’ll need to understand the basics.

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Earning and Using Koins

Much like the console version of MKX, the mobile version features an in-game currency called Koins. You earn Koins by defeating enemy teams, as well as completing the towers featured in the mobile game’s story mode. If you’re having trouble earning these, we suggest visiting old towers and replaying them to gain more loot.

Koins are mainly used for upgrading characters and their abilities. This is vitally important if you want to keep up with your enemies, so make sure you don’t shy away from high prices. This is a mobile game after all, and if you aren’t willing to shell out some real cash for in-game currency, you’ll have to work a little harder to make serious progress.

How Kombat Works

Mortal Kombat X on iOS doesn’t work in the same fashion as it does on consoles and PC. Instead of pressing different buttons and moving your characters from side to side, players merely tap and swipe to complete their attacks. This makes the fighting extremely simple yet addictive, and works well with the touchscreen interface of iOS devices.

Deal Extra Damage With Your Special Moves

You see that shiny skull in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen? When you see this, make sure to always use it. This is your Kombatant’s special move, and it allows you the chance to deal upwards of five times the damage as a normal attack. These are extremely useful for knocking enemies out and forcing your opponent to tag in another character.

Daily Login Bonus

Like many mobile games out there, MKX on iOS rewards players for returning to the game. This daily bonus is received every 24 hours, and it’s impossible to avoid if you launch the game from your iPhone or iPad. The daily bonus is a bit of a chance game, as you’re presented with eight face-down cards and you’ll need to choose one. The prize list consists of Koins, Souls, Kombatant Cards and other special prizes.

Go Into Defense after Nailing a Combo

You just hit that special combo and your blood is pumping through your body like a bullet train. That said, make sure you get into a defensive position after hitting your enemy with a combination attack. These attacks may be powerful, but many times your opponent will try to follow up directly after yours in an attempt to catch you off guard. Block and then counter.

Bonus Missions

Bonus Missions are fights with special conditions. This may seem trivial, but this is a great way to earn Souls. Getting into these bonus missions is the easy part. Simply head to the main screen and then click the Menu icon in the top right corner. Now select Bonus Missions and you’ll head straight in. Of course, these missions are different each time, but completing them allows you to earn 4 to 5 Souls a fight, which is great considering you only earn about 3 Souls per Tower.

Make Your Kombatants Stronger with Equipment and Supports

These character upgrades aren’t there to look pretty. Spend all of your Koins and Souls (don’t horde them) and make your team as powerful as you can. All you need to do to upgrade your characters is earn some Koins, head into your Kollection, and then tap on their card to turn it over. This will open up the upgrade area where you can purchase stat upgrades as well as Equipment and Supports for your favorite team of fighters. A lot of these power-ups are earned by gaining cards as you fight through the Towers in the mobile version’s story mode. Don’t let these upgrades go to waste.

Health and Tagging

As we mentioned, MKX on iOS works via a three-fighter system. This means you can tag in and out between your Kombatants, allowing you to make the most of each character’s skills and combat style. This is important when fighting because there are three miniature portraits of your fighters on the left hand side of your screen. See that little line under the portraits? That is your character’s health bar. Pay attention to this, since reaching zero will eliminate that character from the fight. When your health gets low or you’re battling a faster Kombatant, find a good moment and tag out.

It should also be noted that health slowly regenerates when your Kombatants are on standby waiting to be tagged in. Make use of this feature to refill your health and take down your enemies.

If you’ve already picked up the console version, check out our complete guide on how to unlock all the items hidden in the Krypt.

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