Mother Russia Bleeds is Streets of Rage for the 21st Century

Mother Russia Bleeds is Streets of Rage for the 21st Century

Plus a bit of Hotline Miami thrown in for good measure.

One of the best things about the diversity of 2014's games industry is that plenty of game genres thought long-dead are being resurrected by spunky indie developers with one foot in the past.

Take the brawler genre, for example. Lots of people look back very fondly on the Streets of Rage series and Konami's arcade brawlers, but shortly after 3D graphics became the norm for gaming, the genre went into decline. It's only recently that we've started to see a resurgence thanks to titles like Castle Crashers, Dragon's Crown, Scott Pilgrim and the rerelease of Capcom's Dungeons and Dragons games.

Mother Russia Bleeds, an upcoming new game from indie developer Le Cartel, combines the satisfying, bone-crunching action of a good brawler with the drug-fuelled psychedelia of Hotline Miami. Take a look.

The game's protagonist is described as an "imprisoned antihero with a crippling drug addiction" who "breaks free and barrels down a journey of hate-filled vengeance" across a collapsing, 1980s Soviet Union. Much like Hotline Miami, the game's aesthetic blends quasi-realistic pixel art with more surreal elements -- check out what's going on in the background of the trailer -- with the protagonist's drug addiction calling your perception of what is happening into question. Whether the game manages to pull this off with the same degree of flair that Hotline Miami did remains to be seen -- the thumping soundtrack certainly has some potential -- but if nothing else the trailer appears to depict a violent brawler with plenty of "weight" to its attacks and impacts.

Le Cartel is a group of four independent developers based in France, headed up by a former Ubisoft employee that previously worked on the Just Dance franchise. The game is set for release on PC, Mac and Linux next year, with possible console ports to come depending on the results of a future crowdfunding drive. We can expect a demo version later this summer.

It's probably safe to assume there's some sort of drug-related funny business going on here.

Check out the official website for more.

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