Motion Capture for Monster Hunter: World Involved Humans Flailing Around to Imitate Monsters

Give me a beach towel and I can make you believe I'm a Rathian.

Last week, I noted Monster Hunter: World's flora and fauna give off an authentic look and feel you don't find often in video games.

What's Capcom's secret? Motion capture footage applied to monsters and hunters. The "How" and "Why" of the process is explained in part three of the Making of Monster Hunter: World video series. Skip to 1:35 to get to the goofy mocap fun, and watch a grown adult man act out the attack pattern of a Great Jagras.

That's right: The monsters are "played" by humans. Your first instinct might be to ask, "Why didn't the team mocap an iguana for the Great Jagras fight?", but that would mean pasting dozens of electrodes on an animal that doesn't do much with its day beyond sit on a warm rock. Humans aren't as lithe as lizards, but at least we're OK at playing pretend. Our warm blood makes us easier to work with, too (I won't apologize for my warm-blood bias, so don't bother asking).

The rest of the video covers other interesting bits of development trivia for Monster Hunter: World. You'll find info on armor designs, weapon designs, sound effects, and more.

Monster Hunter: World is out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC release is coming this Fall.